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The Niinisalo Soldiers’ Home Association is one of the Finland’s 36 registered Soldiers’ Home Associations. The Soldiers’ Home Association operates for the benefit for those undergoing compulsory military service and offers a meaningful hobby to its members.

The Soldiers’ home is operated by paid employees together with volunteer members. The Soldiers’ home also has its own bakery. Most of the bakery products available are baked at the Soldiers’ home.


The online shop is only intended for conscripts, reservists in rehearsal training, all troops manoeuvring in the exercise field and personnel serving in the Niinisalo garrison.
You can order sweet and savory treats, drinks and other products delivered directly to your unit from our online store. Orders are delivered to the selected pick-up point daily from Monday to Friday between 1600-1800hrs. Orders should be made NLT 2030hrs previous night.

Niinisalo Soldiers’ Home Association


Mon-Fri at 09.00-20.30


Sat-Sun at 17.00-20.30


Working in Niinisalo Soldiers’ Home is a rewarding and stimulating hobby where you can do voluntary national defense work and learn something new at the same time.

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Niinisalo Soldiers’ Home

Kotitie 32, FI-38840 Niinisalo


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