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Volunteering at the Sotilaskoti

Volunteering with the Sotilaskoti is a rewarding and an inspiring hobby where you can do voluntary national defence work and learn something new at the same time. You can participate as much as your own life situation allows. You can also choose one or more of the orientation options yourself, i.e. the division where you want to work.

Any Finnish citizen who has reached the age of 16 and is approved by the board of the association can become a Sotilaskoti sister – that is, “a green sister”. You can start as a “little sister” as early as 10 years old. There is no upper age limit. You can fill out a membership application at the bottom of the page.

Our operations are guided by the values ​​of the Sotilaskoti organization






Service orientation


Community spirit




Competence and self-development

About the Sotilaskoti Membership

As a member, you can participate in trainings and events organized by the association. The association’s membership fee in 2022 is 15 euros for active members and 30 euros for supporting members. The association especially warmly welcomes active members who give their valuable voluntary contribution while working in various positions. Supportive members, as the name suggests, are not required to work.

Paying the membership fee includes an insurance coverage while you are volunteering at the Sotilaskoti.
All members are sent the Sotilaskoti magazine, which is published four times a year.


Membership application

I want to join the Niinisalo Sotilaskoti association

Departments in which I want to work (you can choose one or more)

The information provided is stored in the Sotilakoti organization's membership register database. The information is maintained by the membership register administrator of the Sotilaskoti association. Personal data can be handed over to the Finnish Military for the purposes of obtaining access to premices or other needs related to the association's activities, to the tax administration when paying travel allowances or other payments, and to an insurance company when members apply for compensation based on the group accident insurance. It is the member's duty to take care of reporting any changes in personal information to the member registry administrator of their own Sotilaskoti association. Members have the possibility of checking and correcting their own information through the association's member register administrator. Members can request to remove their information from the register.

Contact Information

Niinisalon Sotilaskotiyhdistys ry

Kotitie 32, 38840 Niinisalo


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 tel. 0299 443 970

Sotku WhatsApp: 0413176767